Three water pumps installed and functional, availing clean water. The first one was installed since 2019 and is working today.


There are total nine stations for the three installations, serving nine communities that lack clean water.


Locals are involved in the installation and maintenance to keep overall cost low. Spare parts available in local market.


Families save money by saving money instead of spending on medications for water-borne diseases. It reduces poverty.

Our Story

Sustainable Clean Water is a community based response to water scarcity in parts of Nigeria facing desert encroachment. Ezekiel grew up with his family confronted by this harsh reality. His family had to walk long distances to fetch a bucket of water for their children. 

As the children got older, they were soon expected to join the quest for water instead of going to school. They often go late to school and miss out sessions covered by teacher hours earlier. 

Ezekiel’s response is to raise funds to provide clean water in similar communities. His approach is community based, where the youths participate in installation and maintenance system.


Our mission is to provide clean drinking water to one million people living in abject water poverty and plant 5 million trees by the year 2030. The project is successful due to its reception among families, schools, youths and community leaders. 

The mission will provide clean and accessible water within reasonable distance from households, to reduce to burden of walking long distances. It will help keep children in school instead of spending hours in the morning fetching water.