Sustainable Clean Water: is a nonprofit organization bringing clean and safe water to people in Africa. Headed by a team of passionate experts in the area of water and sustainable development.

Since, Sustainable clean water started in 2019, we have been pursuing one big goal: being a part of ending the global water crisis. And while the water crisis is huge, we’re passionate about adding our contribution to the movement to enable families to have access to clean drinking water.

We are positive that there is a solution to the problem, and we make progress every day toward this goal thanks to the help of our wonderful team both local and international. also thanks to our local partners and generous supporters who make this dream come true. If we work together, we believe everyone will have access to this crucial and basic need of life namely: dean water, and this can happen within our lifetime. We are passionate about clean water and the environment.



Our mission is to provide clean drinking water to one million people living in abject water poverty and plant 5 million trees by the year 2030!!!