Clean water for people and animals are in rare supply.
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Children often walk miles to fetch water for their familes, keeping them away from school
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Water sources are quickly drying up, displacing communities forcefully.
You Can Do Something

Our Story

The north of Nigeria is liable to desert encroachment from the Sahara desert with water scarcity always on the increase. Most rural dwellers are nomads and farmers with many farm animals to provide water for. Currently there are villages with no access to any clean water at all. The good news is that underground water is available, however, the mechanism to drill and avail such clean water is capital intensive. Desertification has forced farmers in their communities to others parts of Nigeria where farming is still possible.

Our story is to change the narrative by providing locals in the area a reason to stay. With clean water for drinking most of them will not abandon their lands but will continue to remain in their settlements. Sustainable Clean Water has already provided one water system for a village but our goal is to cover more. 

What we did

In 2021 Sustainable Clean Water dug a clean water system in a remote village in Katsina. The development has put smiles on the faces of farmers, families and schools. Students can now attend school punctually instead of walking miles to fetch water, waking up as early as 5 in the morning. Parents can be assured that their children can stay away from hospital bills incurred by typhoid. Farmers have enough water for their animals too.

This type of development is sustained by collaborative work involving families in the village and youths to look after the water system installed, so that it continues to function optimally.

Our projects are marked by economically sustainable resources planned to last for decades. 

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You Can Do Something

Providing for a village is the tip of the ice. Surrounding the completed water project are other villages that are in dire need of water. Your participation is providing clean water will be the answer for communities that have lived there for centuries in those settlements. We can write a story of hope and restoration through combined fundraising efforts. 

Paying for an entire village is a speedy approach to ensuring a sustainable solution for water availability. The next village in need is located in Katsina state of North Nigeria with only one open well for all of them. Every amount paid goes to building a water pump. We provide comprehensive transaction process and keep you updated via email on our progress.

Sustainable Clean Water collects monetary donations toward building water pumps. Our last fundraiser brought 5000USD and still counting.  You can donate as little as 5 dollars today! You are invited make a difference now.

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