The completion of the first project has taught us great insight on how to handle upcoming ones. We know how best to gather resources and utilize finances. Which is why our next project will be more efficient. 

The water tank in the picture since completion in 2021 is a grand success to the village dwellers. It is a success because the community was involved, having been their heart desires for a very long time. 

When we undertake a project, we do so knowing that it is something desired and treasured by those living there – otherwise it will hardly last. 

Our supporters can have peace of mind understanding how serious we take their investment, and how we used them to do exactly what we say.

Finished Project

The north of Nigeria is liable to desert encroachment from the Sahara desert with water scarcity always on the increase. Most rural dwellers are nomads and farmers with many farm animals to provide water for. Currently there are villages with access to any clean water at all. The good news is that underground water is available, however, the mechanism to drill and avail such clean water requires money. Those villager cannot afford on their own without external help. As long as this demand is not met, they will be liable to poverty and diseases such as typhoid from unclean water. 

With available clean water for people, animals can have greater access to other sources of water supply was there would be lesser competition with people. 

The Story

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Your part

Paying for an entire village is a speedy approach to ensuring a sustainable solution for water availability. The next village in need is located in Katsina state of North Nigeria with only one open well for all of them.

Every amount paid goes to building a water pump. We provide comprehensive transaction process and keep you updated via email on our progress.

Sustainable Clean Water collects monetary donations toward building water pumps. Our last fundraiser brought 5000USD and still counting. 

You can donate as little as 5 dollars today! You are invited make a difference now.

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